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Oscar Blanco.
Heredia, Costa Rica
OscarMultipro (Skype)
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About this website

My intentions with this website (besides the obvious).

Originally, was a site that was part of the network my wife and I had for our electronics retail store. We also had, and were also going to work with Panama. Our plans were to start doing wholesale, buying in large quantities from China (USA was turning to be too expensive).

Anyway, when we closed down, I had this URL available, and since I can be a little of an accumulator when it comes to portfolio sites, I decided to split my portfolios into various separate, more content-specific websites. would be for everything relating to Design (including 3d and video production/editing), for illustration, for macro and high-speed photography, and for Landscape and Infrared photography. If you want to visite my other sites, just use the main menu under “MY OTHER SITES”.

So, my original version of the design website, was just a straightforward gallery.  And honestly, being a quick fix as it was created, it wasn’t very appealing, and kind of a mess. Definitely NOT responsive.
There’s a saying in Spanish (my first language BTW), that translates to: “Blacksmith’s home, wooden knife”.
A lot of designers do this, their own website, being something they do on their own time for no profit, is not done with all the dedication it really needs, well, at least some of us do that.

I had a LOT of images in it, with various sections. But since it was an accumulated collection of years and years of work, there was a lot of dated work in there, and not everything was really worth having on the gallery any more.

When my original hosting provider went out of business (no warning was given) and they LOST all my data. After getting over the shock and outrage, I realized it was an opportunity to create things from scratch, and doing a better job this time around.

So. This time, is not just a “gallery”. For every section of my portfolio, I write short essays, which have also the intention of sharing my knowledge, both for my colleagues (mostly for those who are new to the business of Design) and also for people looking for Design work. It doesn’t matter if they decide to work with me or not, sharing information can only improve the relationship between designers and their clients. Understanding and knowledge breeds good communication and successful projects.

I have also added a Blog, where I will be writing articles from time to time, on anything related to the field, and also, I will have downloadable content. Like free cliparts, 3d models, templates, etc.

Hopefully, people will get to see this site, not just prospect clients and/or employers. And take advantage of anything useful I have shared on it.


Oscar Blanco.